Sunday, June 9, 2013

Blog Intro

First things first, I was supposed to start this blog last year, but I kept wasting time, not to mention I couldn't come up with a blog name. When I finally came up with some, they were all taken and the crazy part is those blogs weren't even active, most of them haven't been updated for years and shit, but anyway the name I came up with recently was "ThatHipHopLife" but that was taken, so I decided to use "DatHipHopLife" instead. I even Googled it to make sure nobody else had it Lol. As far the blog goes, its gonna be everything that has to do with Hip-Hop, I have plenty of magazines, so throwback interviews from The Source, XXL and other magazines will be posted. I'm gonna write album reviews for new and older albums. I will write about other things going on in the music world as well. The blog design will  be updated as time goes by, I'm still unsure on how I want to design it, so stay tuned for that. Now that I got all of that shit out the way, the last thing I wanted to say is that the blog will be up and running this week!

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