Saturday, December 6, 2014

Rick Ross - Hood Billionaire (Album Review)

Release Date : November 24, 2014
Label : Def Jam

When Ross first announced Hood Billionaire, two things popped in my head. The first thing was that this album is gonna overshadow Stalleys "Ohio" album, which came out about a month before this. And the second is why not wait at least til the top of next year to release another album and keep pushing Mastermind. "In Vein" was the perfect single in my opinion. Now that I got that out of the way, lets talk about this Hood Billionaire album. Hood Billionaire is more trap based this time around. Yall know the formula, repeat the same word over and over on the hook, ala BMF, 9 Piece, MC Hammer, etc...To be fair, Ross is perfectionist when it comes to that. "Elvis Presley Blvd" with project Project Pat is a good example. Ross' hook is extremely catchy "I'm riding down Elvis Presley BLVD ... I got Priscilla, I got Priscilla".

"Nickel Rock" is another those hard trap joints I fuck with. I can't count how many times I done listened to that track. "Coke like the 80s" is that shit too. One thing I noticed about Hood Billionaire is that the first half is trap and the other half more soulful/lackback beats. "Movin Bass" is another standout. A lot of people was disappointed that Jay didn't drop a verse. It definitely would of been interesting to hear Jay rap on it instead of just doing the hook. "Trap Luv" is the more soulful Ross songs. Yo Gotti was the right fit, hes been doing his thing on the trap scene for years now. "Brimstone" featuring Big Krit has Ross showing some versatility. "If They Knew" is for the radio. I can definitely see the ladies gravitating towards it.

Now I wanna talk about the flaws. "Keep Doin' That (Rich Bitch)" is lackluster. Ross and Kellz both deliver weak performances. "Neighborhood Drug Dealer",  "Burn",  "Phone Tap" and "Heavyweight" (featuring Whole Slab) were all ok to weak. Overall Hood Billionaire is a  notch below Mastermind. I feel like I'll listen to this album for a few months and get bored with. Don't get it twisted though, there are some bangers on here and Ross entertains as usual.


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