Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Jadakiss - Kiss Of Death (Album Review)

Release Date : June 22, 2004
Label : Ruff Ryders/ Interscope

I aint do a review in a minute, but I'm finally back! I meant to review the Kiss Of Death a while ago, but I got never around to it. Before you even listen to this album, go check out the Champ Is Here mixtape, its a classic! Nothing but bars. Thats one of my favorite mixtapes ever. Back to the review, I couldn't wait for Jada to drop his second album, cause I knew he was gonna step it just based off the weak reception of Kiss Tha Game Goodbye. I actually gave it 3.5 stars cause I knew what Jada was capable off.

Kiss Of Death is my favorite album from Jada and I feel like its his best album overall. I loved the buildup to the albums release. The first few songs I heard were "Time's Up" with Nate Dogg and and"Kiss of Death" with Styles P. This was months before "Why?" was out. Speaking of Why, I knew it would be a hit but I didn't know it be that big. Shit, I don't even think Jada, Anthony Hamilton or Havoc knew that either Lol. Thats a classic joint right there. And he asked some real ass questions on it, what more could you ask for ?

It's a lot of dope joints on this album. Besides the singles, you got the lyrical street joints like "Real Hip Hop" featuring Sheek, "Shoot Outs" featuring Styles P, which is one of those classic joints where they go back and forth on and you know they always deliver when they do that. You got "Air It Out" and "Bring You Down". Kiss really showed really growth on this album. Jada gives you some introspective joints. Check out "Still Feel Me", which is a continuation from "Feel Me" from his first album. Listen to "I'm Goin Back" and "By Your Side" and if you can't feel them then I don't know what to tell because Kiss is talking that real shit.

As much I fuck with this album, I gotta admit its songs on here I'm not feeling too much. I know yall about to say I'm crazy for this one, but "Welcome to D-Block" is another where I like the verses but the song in general is a little weird. First off the song is called "Welcome to D-Block" and it features Em, a Detroit rapper. This seemed like it was forced by the label or some shit. Who the fuck wanted to Em rapping about how dangerous it is in Yonkers, really? They could of made a dope ass song together but this was not the type of song that I wanted to hear from them.

"Shine" is another one of them. Remember on "Why" when Kiss said "Why my buzz in L.A. ain't like it is in New York?" yeah..he tried to make a joint to get more West Coast love, but I doubt if the West was even feeling this shit Lol. The verses are cool, but I hate that hook! "Hot Sauce to Go" was another song I don't really like. Its one of the weaker Neptunes joints."Gettin' It In" was just decent. I can honestly say I enjoyed it more back in 04 than now. Kanye was a star so I understand the feature, but I don't really listen to it. As you can see it was more dope shit on here than weak shit, yall definitely gotta check this album out. Jada did his thing!


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