Sunday, August 28, 2016

Rick Ross - Teflon Don (Album Review)

Release Date : July 20, 2010
Label : Def Jam

First things first, I wanna say my reviews are gonna be a little shorter from now on. And I plan on reviewing Ross' whole discography. Its definitely not gonna be in chronological order though. I'll most likely do "Port Of Miami" next, so stay tuned! The thing with Ross is that he always has dope ass production and he knows how to ride beats. Looking back its crazy how "B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast)" took off. It was a mixtape joint that just blew up out of nowhere. That was like the summer anthem. Then you got Styles P on it. His verse was cut short for some reason. A lot of people felt like SP fucked the song up. I disagree, his verse served it purpose.  And then you got two high energy song like "MC Hammer" and "I'm Not a Star". Yall know damn well yall gonna get hype whenever those songs come on. Yeah, Yeah he recycled the formula but the shit worked!

"Freemason" is another song I fuck with on here. Ross basically trolled everybody with title Lol. Keep in mind this is when everybody was running with the Jay Z Illuminati shit. Me personally I stay the fuck away from all of that type off stuff. Back to the review, Ross did his thing, but Jay bodied this joint! His wordplay was crazy "He without sin shall cast the first stone/ So y’all look in the mirror, Double-check your appearance/ Bitch, I said I was amazing/ Not that I’m a Mason/ It’s amazing, that I made it through the maze that I was in/ Lord forgive me, I never would’ve made it without sin".

"Aston Martin Music" is just one of those smooth radio joints. The song was so dope that Drake and Chrisette Michele had to make their own versions of it! "Tears of Joy" is dope too. Cee-Lo did his thing on the hook. Its funny to hear Ross address the DJ Vlad situation." A punch in the face get you 300K/ ask Vlad, Now he back to making minimum wage/ another victim of my criminal ways". Shit, the punch basically made Vladtv what it is today Lol. I bet Vlad don't regret getting punched one bit Lol. Also check out "Super High featuring Ne-Yo" and All The Money In The World featuring Raphael Saadiq, which is one of Ross' most personal joints.

Now lets into the bad. "No. 1" is wack! Everything about that song is wack. The lyrics are wack, the beat is wack and the hook is extremely wack. Am I the only one not feeling "Live Fast, Die Young" and "Maybach Music III"? There weren't necessarily wack, but its something about those two songs that I cant really get into. I really cant put my finger but oh well...Overall, I really enjoy this album and I think its safe to say that Teflon Don is the most accessible Rick Ross album. I like how short the album is with just 11 tracks. Ross solidified himself in the game and this album took his popularity to a whole new level. I definitely recommend checking this album out.


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