Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2 Chainz - B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time (Album Review)

Release Date : September 10, 2013
Label : Def Jam Records

2 Chainz had a breakout year in 2012. His debut album B.O.A.T.S. sold over 600,000 and he was featured on some of biggest club hits. Last time around all he wanted was a big booty hoe for his birthday and he told how different he was. So whats the difference between B.O.A.T.S. and B.O.A.T.S.2? Well 2 Chainz is more versatile, don't get me wrong though, the club songs and trap anthems are still intact, but he shows a different side of himself on some joints. The first single is Feds Watching. 2 Chainz lets us know that hes gonna be fresh as hell when the feds watching, over Pharrells bouncy reggae-tinged instrumental.

On the albums opener, 2 Chainz had a dream that this rap shit didn't work, so he went back to selling drugs. He also has so much money that it won't even fold. Mike Will Made It and The Eardrummerz production is  prefect for his trap sound. 2 Chainz borrows Juveniles Back That Azz Up flow on the Mannie Fresh produced Used 2, which has the old Cash Money feel. On U Da Realest, he shows some love to his dead homies, Drumma Boy brings one of the best beats to the album. 2 Chainz often gets criticized for being style over substance, but hey that's the type of music he likes making, so that's what I'm gonna rate the album by.

Mason Betha sounds more than focused and gets introspective on "Beautiful Pain", I can honestly say its one of Ma$e's best verses in years. I would to hear a new album from him, but anyway Lloyd kills it on the hook and 2 Chainz's verse was kinda typical. Lloyd kills it on the hook and 2 Chainz's verse was kinda typical. So We Can Live featuring T-Pain is another good one, clocking in at a little over 6 minutes, he talked about be pulled over by the Cops, then on the second part of the song, the beat changes into an East Coast-ish 90s beat with scratches on the hook. He rides the beat well and that proves 2 Chainz can rap over more than just heavy bass production if he really wanted to.

The album ends on a soulful note, with the StreetRunner produced Outroduction which gives us more of his real life experiences. Now some issues that I did have with B.O.A.T.S.2 is that most of the guest steal the show. Ma$e, Lil Wayne, Drake and Rich Homie Quan all easily have better verses than 2 Chainz did. Netflix featuring Fergie bored me with the typical "lets make a sex tape theme". Mainstream Rathet is exactly what you would expect. Also at times 2 Chainz veers off topic. Like on a introspective track he'll randomly throw a line in there about beating pussy up. Misfires aside, B.O.A.T.S.2 will satisfy his core audience and keep the clubs jumping.


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