Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Childish Gambino - STN MTN (Review)

Release Date : October 2, 2014
Label : Glassnote Records

Coming off the success of his strongest effort to date, Because The Internet, Childish Gambino unexpectedly announced his his first Gangst Grillz mixtape, STN MTN. Motherfuckas was wondering would he drop all original new material or would he rap over other peoples beats.  Since Gambino has a show called "Atlanta" coming out soon on FX, it was only right that he reps it to the fullest. The mixtape has Gambino rapping moslty over "Atl" club bangers. STN MTN starts off with Bino dreaming about everything from running Atlanta. He namedrops different things he would do. Whether its bringing back the legendary Laface records or re-opening popular Atlanta clubs like 112 and Jazzy T's and even letting strippers get Mother's day off.

Then on "Southern Hospitality", Gambino goes in over Ludacris's club banger, spitting "Bino on a mission/ We are not friends, nigga this is business/Girl this my dream, ain't no split decisions...I was always spittin', just that no one else was listening". Gambino is having fun all throughout the mixtape, whether hes rapping over trunk rattling production like "Fucks Given" or freestyling over K Camps "Money Baby. What makes STN MTN so good is how entertaining Bino can be, all how easily he can adapt to any beat, check out the different flows he uses on "Move That Dope, Nextel Chirp and A'll Y'all".

The biggest surprise on STN MTN is the Young Scooter assisted "Let Your Hair Down", produced by Zaytoven. While its look an awkward collab on paper, its actually one of the standouts. Scooter provides a catchy hook, while Bino addresses the the statements he made about being better than Kendrick, Drake and Schoolboy Q. He raps, "I just say the realest shit and hope it don't insult you/ On stage, yellin' crazy shit/ I was high but I meant that shit/ Let it out, gotta vent that shit". Another standout is "No Small Talk" with Kari Faux and "Candler Road". Its a fun mixtape and I recommend at least checking it out.

I reviewed the EP as well, yall can catch it on XXL http://www.xxlmag.com/rap-music/reviews/2014/10/childish-gambino-stn-mtn-kauai-mixtape-review/

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