Monday, October 27, 2014

Snootie Wild - Go Mode (Review)

Release Date : September 23, 2014
Label : CMG/ Epic Records

This is my original review of the EP I did for XXL. In 2013, Snootie made the local hit anthem "Yayo". Yo Gotti heard the track and immediately jumped on it and shit took off from there. Not only did Yo Gotti take Snootie Wild on his I Am tour, he also signed him to his CMG label.This past May, CMG (Yo Gotti, Zed Zila, Wave Chapelle and Snootie) released the Chapter One mixtape. The tape featured two joints from Snootie,  "Stackin' & Flippin' It" and "Want U 2 Kno". Now with his first EP, "Go Mode", we get to see what Snootie can do on on his own.

The EP starts of with "Here I Go" featuring Starlito, an introspective track where Snootie talks about his mental struggles. He raps, "I hate the choices I've made/ Feel like I'm trapped in the gate/ But that's the price that you pay/ For smokin' dank everyday...I'm startin' over again Cuz once you up in the system/ Your freedom you never win/ Gotta try to reinvent/ For me and my children". Snootie shows some versatility on the EP as well. On The Yo Gotti and August Alsina assisted "She's a Keeper", Snootie shows his love for that special female. The ladies will definitely enjoy that one". August Alsina holds down the hook and Yo Gotti delivers a verse.

Go mode only offers three new songs. "Made Me" with K Camp and "No Kissing" with Zed Zilla already appeared on the Chapter One mixtape. And even "Yayo" was on Yo Gotti's "November 19th" mixtape. Another takeaway from the EP is that each track features a guest, with the exception of "Gracias". Snootie would of benefited from having less features and more solo material. He has the right production and he can make catchy hooks. And he has an distinctive flow. The potential is there and Snootie can only get better from here. Overall, Go mode is a solid EP that will hold fans over until his next project.


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