Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Beanie Sigel - The B Coming (Album Review)

Release Date: March 29, 2005
Label :  Dame Dash Music Group/ Def Jam

I aint do a throwback review in a minute. I actually wrote this review a while ago, but I made some small changes to it. If you know me personally or you have been reading this blog for a while then already know that Beans is one of my favorite rappers. The thing I always liked about Beans was his the way he rapped with aggression and always spit a sick verse on a track. This album had some delays because the whole Rocafella breakup, which called everyone to pick sides and the legal trouble he was in. Obviously, Beans signed with Dame. I gotta give Dame props because when Sig was locked up, Dame was everywhere promoting this album. Beans had to rush the the recording process because he had to do some jail time. We all know rushed albums can come out bad, but not The B Coming. Beans was focused.

Checkout the Heavy D produced "Feel It in the Air", where Sig raps, "I still paint that perfect picture/ I still shine bright like a prism/ My words still skipping through air/ I know you can't, don't, won't get it/ You niggas chose to ride that ship, sunk with it I'm still afloat, I ain't the captain of the yacht but I'm on the boat". Beans is at his best when hes rapping about the streets and just real life issues, tracks like "I Can't Go on This Way" and "Change" are proof of that. If you can't feel that realness in his lyrics then I don't know what to tell you. The Redman featured "One Shot Deal" is just straight up raw lyrics, no hook. They both did their thing, and Bink provides a dope beat for them to rock over.

The album is well rounded, you got the uptempo "Gotta Have It" featuring Peedi Crakk & Twista and the snoop Dogg Collab "Don't Stop". The Texas inspired "Purple Rain", which is dedicated to all the lean sippers, so Bun B being on here makes perfect sense, plus Rell provides the hook. Sig disses the ungrateful females on Sadat X and Grand Puba featured "Bread & Butter". There were a few joints that I didn't like as much. "Lord Have Mercy" is a good song, but I couldn't stand the hook. Another one is "Oh Daddy", as much as I tried to listen to it, I'm not feeling it . Overall that is the second best Beans album in my opinion, and if you're into that soulful/street music type of sound then you should definitely check it out. The Broad street Bully delivered.

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