Saturday, January 10, 2015

Troy Ave - New York City : The Album (Review)

Release Date : November 4, 2013
Label : BSB Records

On his debut album New York City, Troy Ave promises to restore the feeling that has been missing in New York Hip Hop. Troys lyrics won't blow you or anything, his rhymes are more straight to the point. On Cigar Smoke Featuring King Sev he reps his city to the fullest with lines like, We don't wear tight ass clothes/ We don't do down south beats/ That ain't New York. On the title track New York City Featuring Raekwon, N.O.R.E. & Prodigy, he calls Kendrick Lamar a "weirdo rapper" for that King Of NY line from his Control verse. The funny part is Troy really feels that way, if you seen his interviews lately then you know what I'm talking about. New York City The Album doesn't have a love songs nor does it follow the trends thats currently poppin in the mainstream.

Show Me Love Featuring Tony Yayo has Troy putting his own twist on 50 Cents classic In Da Club hook (You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub/ Outside I got a tech, inside I got a snub). Yayo brings the energy to the track, ad-libbing as well as dropping a verse. It reminds me of the G-Unit mixtape days. And Troy said he 50 is the reason he started in rapping in the first place, and you can definitely hear the 50 cent influence a lot of here, but the main tracks would be I Know Why You Mad  and MY Grind. Troy Ave gets personal on Regretful, where he reminisces about ex girlfriends and pays his respects to his deceased Grandfather. Other joints to check for are Everything Featuring Pusha T, Classic Feel, I'm Dat Nigga Featuring Young Lito and Mama Tears.

New You City The Album does have some misfires like the Harry Fraud produced Piggy Bank, where he uses a cheesy "this little piggy" hook. And the overly arrogant Beneath Me brings nothing new to the table. As I was saying earlier, 50 is his favorite rapper but seems like he studied Curtis's blueprint a little too closely, from the hooks to the shit taking at the end of the songs. On the next go round he is gonna have to some more originality. Overall, the album did what it was supposed to, Troy kept it NY all day and you can tell hes genuine about bringing the city back to prominence, instead of using it as a gimmick.


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