Sunday, January 11, 2015

Jeezy - Seen It All: The Autobiography (Album Review)

Release Date : September 2, 2014
Label : CTE World / Def Jam

When you mention trap music , Jeezys name has to come up. T.I. did bring it into the mainstream in the early 2000s, but it was Jeezys TM:101 that took trap to another level. Listen to his classic mixtape Trap Or Die and tell me a lot of these new rappers didn't follow that format. Now on his seventh album, Seen It All, Jeezy is in a different mind frame. He takes more of a mature approach this time around, but he still serves the trap with some dope boy anthems like "Me OK" produced by Drumma Boy and "1/4 Block" produced by Childish Major.

Jeezy gives some thug motivation on "Enough" (If you grind hard enough/ You can stack a few mil' nigga make it out the streets like me..If you grind long enough/ You can take care of your nephews and your nieces and your moms and your girl) and "Beez Like" featuring Lil Boosie. One of the brightest moments on Seen It All  is the Jay-Z assisted title track, produced by Cardo. Jeezy and Jay reflect on their hustling days. Jay referenced the infamous 92 bricks line. Listen to "Never Change" from The Blueprint (which came out exactly 13 yrs ago today) album and you'll get the line.

Elsewhere on the album, Jeezy gets introspective on "Holy Ghost" and "No Tears" featuring Future. Seen it has a few minor flaws though. Like the dated "Been Getting Money" featuring Akon. Yeah they had some good songs together years ago like "Soul Survivor" and "Im So Paid", but not this time. I even feel like "Beautiful" with Game and Rick Ross was a bit weak. The soulful production didn't match up with the content. Overall, Jeezy delivers another dope album.



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